Equestrian Event of the Year Award 2019 supported by Henson Franklyn

To be awarded to the event that best works with its exhibitors to build success for both the trade and visitors and gives full consideration to the trade’s requirements and welfare.

Entries close: 30th November 2018

Please ensure you have completed the fields marked with a '*' before submitting.


(Please note that the best event in terms of attention to the trade may not necessarily be the biggest or best in terms of turnover).

The sorts of questions to be considered when justifying a nomination includes:

What makes this Event successful for you and how are your needs catered for?

Do they provide sufficient catering, toilets and showers and open them at sensible times?

What are the loading and unloading arrangements? How helpful are the organisers?

What payment systems are in place?

How do the quality and quantity of visitors compare to other events?

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