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27 April - 5 May 2019

BETA Safety Week is returning for a second year. This annual awareness-raising initiative puts rider safety firmly on the map by highlighting the importance of safety gear and equipment that is:

  • A great fit

It should be professionally fitted and not just left to chance. One size really does not fit all – so no sharing hats or body protectors, or making do with those that are too large or too small.

  • Fastened correctly

Wear it well and your garment will do its very best to keep you as safe as possible. Hats with loose harnesses, flapping chin straps or unfastened body protectors cannot possibly do the job they were designed for.

  • Up to standard

Your riding hats, body protectors and hi-viz gear should meet the appropriate safety standards for the activity you are involved in. Don't take any chances!

Spreading the word

As the British Equestrian Trade Association, we are passionate about rider safety. We have a wealth of expert knowledge and resources, and feel that now is the perfect time to launch this high-profile campaign at the very start of the competition season.

The 2018 campaign had support from some of the equestrian world's top riders and organisations, including William Fox-Pitt, Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer, The Pony Club, British Eventing and British Riding Clubs.

The 2019 campaign already has the backing of British Riding Clubs and The British Horse Society.

Many BETA retail members are taking part in the week and will be promoting their professional fitting service to help you find the very best – and most suitable – safety garments. Some will also be running special offers and promotions.

What's your story?
Have you ever had a riding accident that could have been a lot worse if you hadn't been wearing safety garments? Get in touch with Tina at and work with us to encourage and inspire others to stay as safe as possible.

Let's get social
Help us to send BETA Safety Week viral by linking up with us on our social media channels: Facebook @betaequestrian, Twitter@betaequestrian and Instagram @beta_equestrian. Keep a look out for our fab competitions in the run-up to the week and remember to use our hashtag #BSW19


Retailers taking part in #BSW19

Download a list of participating BETA Retail Members (UK and Ireland)

Download a list of participating Overseas retailers supporting #BSW19

If you would like to take part in the 2019 safety week please email to receive further information.

Some of the world's most famous safety garment manufacturers have signed up to support the week. Check out the full list of companies below to see who is on board.

Airowear – body protectors

Champion – riding hats and body protectors

Charles Owen - riding hats

Crafty Ponies - hi-viz vest

Dublin clothing – riding Hats

Gatehouse – riding hats and body protectors

Grubs Boots - Fury Safety Boot

Racesafe - body protectors

United Sports Germany - riding hats and body protectors

Uvex - riding hats


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