Finance & General Purpose

Comprises the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of BETA, and the remaining sub-committee chairmen plus co-options as required.

Its Terms of Reference are:

  • To agree Budgets prior to Council approval.
  • To consider and approve 5 year Plan prior to Council
  • To consider, approve and recommend any major change in policy or legal status of BETA to Council.
  • To consider and mediate on disputes or disagreements with Secretariat before reference to Council if agreement cannot be reached.
  • To act as an advisory board on matters of business for the Executive Director and Commercial Manager as requested.

Finance and General Purpose committee membership currently comprises of the following individuals:

Chairman: Wendy Hofstee (Unicorn Trails)
Ian Silman (Equicraft Saddlery)
Chris Gordon (Dodson & Horrell)
Michael Darley (Darley Equestrian)
Sara Blackshaw (Sara Blackshaw Consultancy)
Philip Tyler (TopSpec Equine)

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