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Citation Trade Supplier of the Year – Focus on Citation

To celebrate Citation’s support of the BETA Trade Awards, and sponsorship of the Citation Trade Supplier of the Year award, we caught up with Nigel Lea from Citation to find out all about the company and what the judges will be looking for when it comes to this award.

Tell us about Citation and the work it does. Sure, Citation helps businesses all over the UK & NI with their legal compliance. We provide a host of outsourced services in areas such as Health & Safety, HR/Employment law, ISO Certification, Cyber Security and Fire Safety among others.
Why did you decide to sponsor the Citation Trade Supplier of the Year award? We’ve worked with BETA for a number of years now and we always like to look at award categories where there is recognition for suppliers/supplier members and suchlike as quite often that is how we start off working with our Trade Association partners.

What makes a really good trade supplier? We work with so many different trade partners across so many different sectors, but there are some common traits we see all the time such as excellent relationship management with customers, product innovation, seeking feedback (both good and bad!) and also being able to adapt to market conditions or customer needs quickly.
From your point of view, what attributes make all the difference when it comes to being a great company supplying the trade? It might sound obvious, but customers expect good service from a company, and if the company treats its staff well then this filters down into how they treat the customer base. I’ve been at Citation 20 years and we have never stood still with how we treat our people and our customer base. They are all pieces of the same puzzle and if you get them right it’s a game changer.
What are the judges looking for? Personally, I always like to see a good news story or success story that has gone right through the chain from supplier to the end user. Suppliers need good customers and customers need good suppliers!

Do you have any tips connected to the entry process and why suppliers should nominate themselves or ask for nominations? I would always suggest highlighting where your customers have left great reviews/feedback, etc. or indeed if you are able to show how your existing customers have been referring you new ones. This is a great way to show that your entry is being reinforced from end users of your products or services.

The winner will be announced at the BETA Gala Dinner on Sunday 10th September (the Sunday of BETA International) at Chesford Grange, Kenilworth. Get your tickets here


Congratulations to the finalists of the Citation Trade Supplier of the Year Award

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