Zebra Products Retailer of the Year


Zebra Products Retailer of the Year-  Focus on Zebra Products

Zebra Products has supported the BETA Trade Awards for a number of years, sponsoring the much-coveted Zebra Products Retailer of the Year Award. This year, in addition to the two categories of Equestrian Retail Store and Online/Mail Order Retailer, there’s a new category to celebrate new retailers established 12-36 months of the awards opening. We caught up with Simon Middleton from Zebra Products to talk about the awards.

Zebra Products is well known in the equestrian space, but can you tell us a bit about how you started and the brands you supply to retailers?
We started in 2000 as a very small set up with just a team of 3!
My background professionally was in super marketing but I have always had a passion for horses and horse gear. We have grown organically over the years and now have 17 amazing brands in our portfolio and the Zebra herd is now 24.
Brands we distribute are Amerigo, Bucas, Cavalleria Toscana, Cavallo, Cavalor, Covalliero, EGO7, Equipe, Finesse, Fleck, Konigs, Mattes, Nathe, Sprenger, Tucci, Uvex & Veredus.

You’ve been a sponsor of Zebra Products Retailer of the Year for a number of years now, why did you pick this award?
The award is a huge accolade in the industry and one that retailers really strive to win so we wanted to be part of that passion and also give something really positive back to the industry.
In your opinion, what makes a good retailer?
Bricks & Mortar – knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, a strong product assortment, great displays and a good location
Online – very navigable website, a strong product assortment and a clear returns policy.
For 2023, there’s a new category celebrating new retailers. What advice would you give anyone thinking of starting a new equestrian business this year?
Look at the ‘space’ you are looking to enter and try to ensure you can offer a real USP. Be patient and work hard. If you have a real USP, work hard and manage your cash flow well, all things considered, you will succeed.

What will the judges be looking for across the three categories?
If a retailer is reading this and they’re not sure whether to put themselves forward or ask their customers to nominate them, what advice would you give them?
Equestrian Retail Store
•    Good product assortment
•    Knowledgeable and friendly staff
•    Smart, well merchandised store that is easy to shop in
Online/Mail Order Retailer
•    Navigable and user friendly website
•    Clear returns policy
•    Helpful and knowledgeable support
NEW Best New Retailer
•    All of the above plus having had the ability to make a real positive impact in the ‘area’ they have launched in be it online or in a retail premises or both.

The winner will be announced at the BETA Gala Dinner on Sunday 10th September (the Sunday of BETA International) at Chesford Grange, Kenilworth. Get your tickets here