BETA Guide puts equestrian job hunters on the right track

If you thought that a career in the equestrian industry had to be hands-on with horses, think again! There is a diverse range of opportunities available in this challenging and vibrant sector, and a new booklet published by the British Equestrian Trade Association highlights an exciting selection of them.
Roles in sales, export, design, business, nutrition, research and development, marketing and saddlery are just some of those featured in the BETA Guide to Careers in the Equestrian Industry. Each entry features a broad career overview, with qualifications and experience required, along with key training pathways.
“There is a general misapprehension that equestrian careers tend to consist of riding and grooming jobs or professions such as farriers, equine dentists or physiotherapists,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as the new guide quite clearly shows. I hope that colleges, universities and those offering careers advice will find the guide a valuable resource, providing plenty of food for thought and fhelping to set young people on the right path for future employment.”
The BETA Guide to Careers in the Equestrian Industry is available free of charge from the BETA office, telephone 01937 587062 or email, or by ordering from the BETA online shop at