BETA searches for award winners for 2016

The search is under way to find worthy winners of the 2016 BETA Business Awards, which reward excellence and outstanding contributions to the equestrian industry. Members of the trade will gather to watch the award presentations during the BETA Gala Dinner, at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham, on Sunday 24 January.

Award categories are the UKTI Export Award, BETA Rider Award, SEIB Retailer of the Year, Equine Careers Sales Representative of the Year, Harry Hall Retail Employee of the Year, Blacks Solicitors Trade Supplier of the Year, Equestrian Event of the Year supported by Henson Franklyn, TSM Social Media Award, Haygain Nutritional Helpline of the Year and BETA Lifetime Achievement Award.
“The awards are a tremendous way for the industry to reward the achievements of individuals and companies,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “Each of the categories is hotly contested and the number of nominations received seems to grow year upon year.”
Nominations are invited from trade members, although consumer input is sought for the SEIB Retailer of the Year, The Equestrian Event of the Year supported by Henson Franklyn, the Haygain Nutritional Helpline of the Year categories and the TSM Social Media Award.

Nominations for the BETA Business Awards can be made by completing a form on the BETA website,, or sent to the BETA office either by post to Stockeld Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS22 4AW, fax to 01937 582778 or email to Please provide the name and award category, reason for nomination and your own name and address, along with any supporting information you think appropriate. Nominations for the SEIB Retailer of the Year Award can be made online at www. and those for the Haygain Nutritional Helpline of the Year.Award at

UKTI Export Award
Companies of all sizes that have generated substantial and sustained increases in export activity over a three-year period can be entered for this award.
Nominations: Information should include details about the level of export and growth in relation to the size and turnover of the company, planning and strategy, and the degree to which the products or services have been adapted to an export market. Applications will be judged by UKTI.

Entry deadline: 11 December

BETA Sponsored Rider of the Year
Now in its 11th year, this award recognises sponsored riders who have made the greatest contribution to the trade. It is presented to those who have participated fully in building a relationship with their sponsors, generating good results for them as well as themselves.
Nominations: Sponsoring companies can nominate riders, with supporting information such as competition results, details of personal appearances and involvement with product development.          

Entry deadline: 4 December

SEIB Retailer of the Year
This award is for tack shops and feed merchants – they do not need to be BETA members – who are nominated by their customers There are awards for Large Retailer, Medium Retailer, Small Retailer and Mail Order/Internet Retailer.
Nominations: Customers can nominate their favourite retailer online by logging on to as an alternative to the mailing option. Once nominated, retailers will receive a questionnaire from BETA that must be completed and returned by 1 December, 2015, to be considered for the next stage of judging. Shortlisted companies are then put forward for a vote by BETA trade members. This award also involves mystery shoppers and incognito telephone calls organised by BETA.    

Entry deadline: 20 November

Equine Careers Sales Representative of the Year
This award is open to both employed and self-employed sales representatives and agents,
and will be awarded to the individual judged outstanding in his or her approach to customer service.
Nominations: Retailers and suppliers can nominate, giving the reason they think the nominee deserves to win. The final decision will be made by a combination of BETA members’ votes and and an interview with each finalist.                    

Entry deadline: 4 December

Harry Hall Retail Employee of the Year
Nominations are being sought for the employee showing initiative, excellence in customer service, product knowledge and commitment to professional retailing. The winner will also be given a cash prize of £200 and his or her employer will receive BETA training vouchers.
Nominations: The award is intended for shop-floor employees only, not managers, and nominations are invited from employers or sales representatives. An independent judging panel will draw up a shortlist, followed by interviews to determine the winner. 

Entry deadline: 4 December

Blacks Solicitors Trade Supplier of the Year
This award will go to the manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor judged to offer the best in delivery, customer service, product knowledge and awareness of retailers’ requirements.
Nominations: Retailers can nominate the supplier they feel offers them the best service and works to help them build sales and profitability. Suppliers are also able to nominate themselves by submitting a formal application on why they think they deserve to win. Shortlisted companies will be judged, followed by a further retail members’ vote. The final judging stages will be overseen by an independent panel.         

Entry deadline: 4 December

Equestrian Event of the Year supported by Henson Franklyn
This award acknowledges the event – an indoor or outdoor consumer show – that works best with its tradestand exhibitors, taking their needs and requirements into consideration. Visitor experience will also be considered – the award is also open to consumer nomination
Nominations: Tradestand holders – individuals or companies – that have exhibited at such events from January 2015 onwards are invited to nominate an event, explaining why they think it caters well for the trade. Consumers, too, will be asked to nominate their favourite event, giving reasons for its success. An independent judging panel will make the final decision.     

Entry deadline: 4 December

Haygain Nutritional Helpline of the Year
This accolade goes to the company that offers exemplary service in nutritional advice to customers, both trade and retail.
Nominations: Customers can send their nominations by post or log on to the Haygain website,, to download a form. A shortlist will be drawn up for final judging, which will include incognito calls.        

Entry deadline: 4 December

TSM Social Media Award
This award recognises companies that have embraced social media and use it to powerful effect throughout their marketing strategy. The use of images and video, posting of original content, engagement with followers and online etiquette will all be considered, as well as how this element of digital marketing is incorporated within a company’s marketing mix.
Nominations: Any company can nominate itself, but nominations are also welcomed from third parties, including consumers, stating why they think the nominee should win. An entry form must be completed by the company nominated. The final decision will be made by a panel of judges.       

Entry deadline: 4 December

BETA Lifetime Achievement Award
This is to honour someone who has made a significant contribution to the equestrian industry over a long period of time.
Nominations: Biographical details of the nominee are invited from all sectors. 

Entry deadline: 11 December

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