Make a date with BETA!

The BETA 2017 calendar is a wonderfully horsey treat for equestrians everywhere. Bright, colourful and perfect for pinning up in the kitchen, office or tack room, it’s a great way to make sure you never miss a show date again.

Each month features a fabulous photograph, submitted as part of a competition organised by the trade association to find the best “My Horsey Day” pictures. The image judged Best in Show is entitled “Hacking in Joyden's Wood, Kent” and comes from the lens of Leah Logan-Mace, of Mayfield, East Sussex, who wins a luxury gift hamper.

“We're really pleased with the calendars and pretty sure that anyone who loves horses is bound to want one,” said BETA's Tina Hustler. “They have been printed with all the important show dates and have plenty of space to add appointments and reminders. I think that knowing every picture was designed to reflect the photographer's ordinary day with horses makes the calendar even more special."

The slimline calendars are ideal stocking fillers and can bought from the BETA online store at or by contacting the BETA office, telephone 01937 587062 or email