Bedding Safety


Photo credit: Lily Banse


Following the successful growth of the BETA NOPS Code for Feed into an internationally recognised standard for the reduction of risk of prohibited substances BETA is proud and pleased to launch the first NOPS Code for Equine Bedding products. 

THE BETA NOPS Code for Bedding is being launched for a 3 month consultation period in January 2020.
Like the Feed NOPS Code, the aim of the code is to enable companies who audit to the code to offer peace of mind to riders and trainers that their bedding is given the same degree of scrutiny for the risk of prohibited substances as their feed. Download a copy of the DRAFT standard here.

In response to member demand we have written a code for the reduction of the risk of prohibited substances occurring in bedding of all types.

The code is for use by all bedding manufacturers who wish to demonstrate and confirm that they conform to current best practice in minimising the risk of contamination by NOPS in equine bedding which they produce or is produced and packed on their behalf. 

Whilst the focus of the code is on prohibited substances, it is also intended to offer users the assurance that the company is marketing their product fairly and legally through the auditing of all claims made by code members.

Next Steps: All bedding providers interested in joining the code may request a copy of the draft during the 3 month consultation period, following which auditing will start from May onwards with all those auditing in the first 3 months being launched concurrently at an agreed time later in the year.

Application form:  To express interest in joining the scheme an application must be completed. Download an application form here. The cost of joining is £1200 +VAT in the first year for BETA members. The annual cost thereafter is £800 +VAT.  Non-members are charged £1800 +VAT per annum.

For companies who operate from more than one production site, there will be an additional registration fee per site of £100 + VAT, per annum.

In addition to the registration fee, the audit fee is paid directly to the auditors (KIWA Agri Food) and is estimated at £980 plus VAT plus any expenses such as travel and accommodation, should this be required.