Funding & Overseas Shows


Trade Fairs are an excellent way to start the process of entering new export markets. They will help you to obtain feedback from the market, identify competitors and make contact with potential distributors.

The British Equestrian Trade Association has been offered financial support through the Department for International Trade under the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) for UK companies exhibiting at selected overseas events in the 2020/21 event year.

The list of events will be announced soon.

It is important that you read the accompanying guidance notes for exhibitors sent together with the application for funding as well as the notes below as the grant guidelines have been amended.

For further information and details regarding booking a stand please contact BETA in the first instance.

Grant Information

Support available for eligible exhibitors:

For all companies exhibiting:

Flat grants ranging from £1000 to £2500 are available, depending on the country you are exhibiting at and if you are a first time exhibitor at the show.

The TAP grant is paid on the flat rate basis where the exhibitor has to pay elibible costs at least up to the level of the grant.  

To be eligible for the grant your business must be “new to export”. This means that in the past 12 months less than 10% of turnover resulted from proactive exports (ie sales to new overseas customers that have been actively identified by the business) and no more than 25% of turnover resulted from a combination of proactive and reactive exports. Reactive exports would normally result from unplanned approaches from potential overseas companies or from overseas responses to UK focused web sites.

Eligible Costs For Exhibitions

Exhibition space costs

This is the actual amount paid by the participant to the commercial organiser of the exhibition for space at the exhibition venue and for any other mandatory charges (e.g. registration fees, catalogue entry charges). These charges will normally be no higher than the rates published by the commercial organiser of the exhibition.

Stand costs

This is the actual amount paid by the participant or the Group Organiser on the participant’s behalf, to the commercial organiser of the exhibition, or to any third party supplier(s) for costs directly related to:

  • Stand design
  • Physical stand costs, including shell scheme (or equivalent)
  • Labour costs in relation to physical construction of stand
  • Heating & power supply
  • Carpets
  • Furniture hire
  • Cleaning
  • Internet/phone connection (excluding equipment rental and call charges)
  • Display aids, but excluding any products/samples with a retail value
  • Graphics
  • Security
  • Transportation and hire of audio visual equipment
  • Freight costs for stand and stand display items
  • Car/van hire and other associated travel costs e.g. fuel (a justifiable case must be presented)

Any personal costs, such as meals, accommodation, staff time etc. must also be excluded.

No other costs including recoverable local taxes, VAT, insurance costs of any kind, management fees paid to the group sponsor and any payment made by the Group Organiser to a third party for any service or product not listed above will be considered to be eligible costs for grant calculation purposes.

How to Apply

To apply for the DIT grant please read carefully the accompanying terms and conditions and complete a Trade show Access Programme Application Form.

Each applicant may also be subject to a BETA management charge. Please check with BETA for the appropriate show what the charge, if any may be.

This charge will be invoiced prior to the fair commencing and is made regardless of whether the company is accessing the Grant funding or not.

Services Provided

BETA will manage the group, co-ordinate and allocate space, organise shell scheme as required and ensure your participation runs as smoothly as possibly before during and after the event.

Email to for application forms and grant guidelines.