BETA is here to help the equestrian industry, to help individual companies get the most out of the equestrian industry and to help you.

As well as offering members a range of tangible benefits to assist them to save money, BETA acts as a representative and lobbying body to work on members’ behalf when issues come up on a regional, national or European basis. This lobbying role depends on the strength of membership and there are still a great many areas to explore and work on both within and outside the industry including the development of riding, the continuation of hunting with hounds, food safety legislation on a European wide level, and raising the standards of retailing to meet the challenge of developments on the internet.

By joining your industry body you are helping us represent you and your interests throughout the industry in the broader business environment. Without members we cannot do this work.

If you believe that the trade needs a strong unified organisation to look after its interests you should join BETA.