Feed Fact Fortnight

Help to improve knowledge of equine nutrition- BETA Feed Fact Fortnight 2023

Feed Fact Fortnight 2024

Spring edition 30th March – 14th April

Autumn edition 19th October- 3rd November


Feed Fact Fortnight- The campaign is aimed at dispelling feeding myths and improve your knowledge of equine nutrition.

The initiative is taking place throughout the UK and is supported by our BETA retail and feed manufacturing members.

Feed facts you can trust
As the British Equestrian Trade Association, we are dedicated to equine welfare and this BETA Feed Fact Fortnight is aiming to help you access sound nutritional advice. By focusing on good feeding practice and separating fact from fiction, we can help you make more informed choices when it comes to buying your feed and supplements.

Working together with BETA members, we are able to deliver top feeding facts and advice from some of the country’s leading equine nutritionists. We are also providing some great feeding tips from many of our leading competition riders, who have given the fortnight their full backing.

Retail support
BETA Feed Fact Fortnight will be supported by many of our retail members, who will be doing their bit for equine nutrition in-store. After all, your local participating BETA retailer is a great place to find fantastic feeding advice. Look out BETA Feed Fortnight bunting around their shops as a clear sign that they are on board. Don’t forget that many of our online retailers will also be playing an important role.
The campaign will see lots of great-awareness raising events throughout the fortnight. Retailers will be running competitions, creating informative displays and staging a wide range of special feed-focused events.

Click here to see a full list of supporting BETA retail members for the 2023 campaign

Feed company backing
Some of the country’s leading feed and supplement manufacturers and associate members are proud to support BETA Feed Fact Fortnight and have given it their full backing. Thanks to their teams of professional equine nutritionists and sponsored riders, BETA is able to provide you with the very best feeding advice and information.

Click here for a full list of supporting BETA feed manufacturing and associate members for the 2023 Autumn campaign

Dispelling myths and building knowledge

Click here to find a link to reliable feeding advice, top tips and trusted information.

Let’s get social
Help us to send BETA Feed Fact Fortnight far and wide by linking up with us on our social media channels: Facebook and Instagram . Look out for our fab competitions during the fortnight and remember to use our hashtag #BFFF23.