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BETA & You

This leaflet briefly outlines the role of BETA and the benefits of buying from BETA retailers and manufacturers. Download BETA & You

BETA Guide to Rider Safety Equipment

When it comes to safety clothing and equipment, riders have never had so much choice. There is
a wide selection of hats, body protectors, boots and hi-viz gear currently on the market – each
carefully designed to meet specific requirements and cater for individual budgets.
This handy BETA guide highlights the key pieces of clothing and kit required for riding and handling
horses safely, and explains just how and why they are of benefit to you.

Download the guide here

The BETA Guide To Purchasing Your Outdoor Rug

Compiled in Association with BETA Trade members this leaflet provides information on types of rugs, choosing the right size for your horse and on fitting rugs correctly. It also provides a glossary of terms and details on how to best maintain rugs as well as advice on what to do in the event of a problem.

Click here to download the rug guide and temperature guide insert here.

The BETA Body & Shoulder Protector Standard Explained

This explanatory leaflet outlines the current BETA 2009 & 2018 standards and the preceding standards and offers tips and advice on the choice and fitting of body protectors.

BETA Tack Guide

This guide aims to give useful tips on caring for tack and saddlery, inspecting it and advice on when to replace it, click here to download it.

BETA Guide to Riding Hats

This guide explains what to look for in a correctly fitting riding hats and details the current world standards and quality symbols to look for when purchasing your new riding hat. Click here to download it.  

Careers in the Equestrian Industry

This guide looks at the diverse range of exciting career opportunities availble in the equestrian industry. It highlights some of the many options available in the equestrian trade rather than hands-on riding or grooming jobs. Details of qualifications required and key training pathways are also provided. Click here to download it.

The Horse Rider’s Guide to Bras

This information guide is based on a study conducted by Dr Jenny Burbage and Lorna Cameron. It highlights headline findings from their large-scale survey of female riders and breast pain. Click here to download it. 

The BETA Benefits

This information about BETA Membership Benefits  Click here to download it.

Copies of all the above leaflets are available from your BETA retailers or can be sent by post by contacting