The British Equestrian Trade Association is delighted to announce the return of the Summer of Safety for 2022.

This is the second year of the highly successful campaign that was designed to help inspire, educate and encourage people to embrace safety in all areas of their equestrian life, to help keep themselves and their horses safer. This year, the Summer of Safety will run from June to August and already has a huge amount of support behind it.

“We are delighted to bring back the Summer of Safety this year,” said Claire Williams, Executive Director for BETA. “We are passionate about safety and spend a lot of time working with our members and other organisations to help make sure everyone is aware of how they can help protect themselves. Of course, things like hats and body protectors are part of the campaign, but we are looking to create a real 360 approach to educate people around all aspects of their equestrian life.”

The summer long campaign will include in person events, lives and online content from riders, manufacturers, equestrian bodies, BETA’s CMO Dr Diane Fisher, and more. In addition, the Summer of Safety will be heavily supported by BETA members in the form of competitions across the association’s social media platforms, educational information, and the ability to get involved in other ways too.

“The last Summer of Safety gave us a great opportunity to explain so many aspects of what we do as BETA, without being fun vampires,” said Dr Diane Fisher, CMO of BETA. “Being a trauma consultant, I see so many injuries and it just makes me painfully aware of how important it is that we all do everything we can to protect ourselves. We’re never going to be able to remove all the risks associated with equestrian sport, but there is a huge amount we can do to help protect ourselves, and that’s why the Summer of Safety is so important.”

The Summer of Safety will include many different aspects of equestrian safety, from hats and body protectors to handling horses from the ground, stories from riders, feed safety- including NOPS, tack safety, and more.

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