Body Protector and Safety Committee


This Committee operates in a similar way to a BSI Committee. It was set up to administer the BETA Body Protector Standard. Its participant members do not have to be BETA Members. They do have to be manufacturers or suppliers of body protectors or components thereof. It also has nominated members from equestrian disciplines, a medical member, a retailer etc. Test houses are co -opted. The Chairman is either the Secretary of BETA or a Council member involved in the manufacture of Body Protectors. In addition there is a Standards Sub Committee whose function is to propose changes to the Standard and consider disciplinary matters. It can alter the Standard if it wishes subject to reference to the full committee which may not over rule it. The Committee is empowered to consider other safety matters as necessary with reference to products only. It does not set standards for other products but reserves the right to do so.

Terms of Reference – Main committee

  • To review the BETA body protector Standard and propose and agree amendments.
  • To set and agree joining fees and participation fees.
  • To consider consumer reaction, marketing and administrative matters as appropriate.
  • To consider annual testing and initial testing matters and make recommendations with regard to test houses.
  • To uphold the principle of re-testing annually.
  • To encourage research and development and improvements in foams and other materials.
  • To promote the BETA Standard the need for mandatory wearing of the BETA Standard in all equestrian activity.
  • To consider disciplinary matters and to consider and if thought fit to amend the sanctions procedures. (These are set out in the manufacturers guidelines).
  • To provide assistance to the disciplines when required on safety matters.

Terms of Reference – Standards committee

  • To consider changes to the Standard in situations where there is no unanimity in the Main Committee and to agree them having taken due note of the opinions of the main Committee.
  • To notify the main Committee of any changes.
  • To hear disciplinary cases and notify the main committee of their opinion and recommended sanctions.