Riding Simulator

Look out for BETA RoboCob, Duke and Duchess our life-sized mechanical horses, at events across the country. The computer driven riding simulators respond to the rider’s leg and hand aids. RoboCob has five ‘gears’ – walk to gallop and Duke and Duchess have 3 speeds of canter.

Weighing in at 400kg and equipped with a conventional or western saddle and bridle, they can offer new riders a feel for the real thing, novices their first taste of trot or canter, while experienced equestrians can hone their skills.

To be found at many shows and family activity events or on the BETA stand or that of a BETA Member company, they both always arrive in style in their very own BETA-branded trailers.

Keep an eye out for them this year as part of the Take up the Reins Tour of Great Britain, which aims to encourage all to get on board and join our fantastic sport. www.takeupthereins.co.uk

Donations from riders amount to hundreds of pounds each year, which BETA sends to the Riding for the Disabled, Horseback UK and The Brooke.

The horses can be hired by both members and non-members alike. They are great at shows and events, both horsey and non. They are a real draw and can be ridden like a real horse, with the rider able, if confident, to control the pace of the horse. Their speeds are controlled by either sensor pads on both sides of the horse, or by an operator on the ground. They do not buck, or kick and are great to give nervous riders confidence, or give those who have never been on a horse, their first taste.

Robocob is 15.2 hands and takes an extra wide saddle, though he comes equipped with his own made to measure saddle and a complete set of hats.

Duke and Duchess are also 15.2hh but only has 3 paces of canter. They also come with their own saddles and supply of hats.

To enquire further about hiring either horse, download an enquiry form.