Retail Show Sponsorship Vouchers

One way in which BETA encourages equestrian sport and helps retailers forge closer links with their horsey community is through the show voucher scheme.

BETA member retailers may apply for vouchers to be offered as prizes at local shows. These may be affiliated, riding club or even local riding school events but must be able to provide a show secretary’s details as proof that it is a bone fide competition.

Vouchers are provided up to a total value of £25 and can be redeemed in any BETA retail member’s shop. These may be divided as the organiser or sponsoring retailer offering the prize sees fit. For example, you may decide to offer five prizes of £5 or one of £15 and one of £10 – the choice is open to the sponsoring retailer. In addition, the winning riders will receive a certificate bearing the sponsoring company’s name and address.

How it works

Any retail member of BETA may apply. Vouchers will be allocated on a regional basis and an annual limit will be placed on each retail member (usually £100). A retailer may apply for more than one if they wish. The number allocated will depend on demand and will be issued on a first come, first served basis for each region.

Eligible Shows

Shows or events, either affiliated or unaffiliated.

Benefits to shops:

  • Free publicity for your business
  • Fostering good relations with show organisers
  • Local promotion

Benefits to Shows:

  • Sponsorship from local retailers
  • Fostering good relations with local business
  • Attract more competitors

What you have to do

If you are a show organiser, approach your local BETA retailer to see if they have an interest in supporting your show. Be prepared to explain to them the benefit of their support and highlight the advantages to their business of a relationship with you. Don’t forget that you may not be the only approach for support they will get. Ask them to be present to make the prize presentation and inform them of any local publicity that you may be arranging for the day.

If you are a BETA Retail member make sure the show will accept your sponsorship before applying for a Prize Voucher. If possible, agree the class you are sponsoring. The class should be publicised as ‘Sponsored by you – BETA vouchers to a value of £25’.

  • Fill in the application form and send it to us.
  • Arrange with the show organiser for yourself or a representative from your business to give the prize to the winner.
  • You notify us of the name of the winner.

BETA’s role

Once your application has been accepted, we will notify you and the show concerned. We will write to the show to confirm your support of the class and we will send them the voucher and certificate with your name on it, plus a list of BETA retail members to give to the winner.

Redeem vouchers

The vouchers are presented to the BETA retailer of the winner’s choice. The retailer gives goods of up to the value of £25 including VAT. The voucher is returned to BETA with a supporting invoice for reimbursement.